Player Characters From Your Favourite Fictional Backgrounds

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Fictional characters turned into D&D player characters for specific adventures.

What happens when Conan the Barbarian meets Immortan Joe in the same party of adventurers?

I’m preparing a run on 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons for this next Summer fall (2017). Already feeling very excited about it. I have a party of 6 people, but most members (all except one) live in another city, and we all have multiple responsabilities, etc., making it so dificult to meet in advance in order to create the heroes. So this time I thought to do something diferent and I told them I would do the playable characters on my own. “Just give me a name of a fictional character that you would like to play, don’t restrain yourselves to any theme or specific background, as we are going to run a rather off-menu adventure, in a world that swallows in creatures and humanoids (even player characters) from all over the multiverse”, this is what I told them. Never expected it would turn to be as challenging as it turned out to be.

First of all, I’m happy. The differences between the following player characters makes it a good combination of skills and classes, but is about these fictional characters my friends always wanted to play, secretely or not, that I am most grateful. They’ve brought their backgrounds with them, and given me all sorts of keys, clues, moments, NPCs, etc., to play with and fill up all the numerous holes that this adventure, in its very early stage, still has.

Keep in mind though, that I’m not trying to specifically turn the same character into a D&D sheet, but instead making a Level 1 version of it, which will suit perfectly for a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition initial adventure. Why? Cause these amazing and very popular characters exist only in their own environments, and if out of it, and even more when all mixed together, they would suffer. You would not be playing the same character anyways, even if you would name it the same, because you wouldn’t play it in its own original background which was designed for him or her (to do just that we should have chosen the fictional setting first, and then the characters, picked all up from there). No, it got to have the same feeling, but I wanted players to experience the game as if they were playing their own unique characters.

Let’s check it out, shall we? I hope you enjoy going over it as much as I did.

I want to start by portraying this two characters, the obvious and the not-so-obvious, because the latter has been a real pain to design and want to start by showing off a little (just a little, please).

player character conan

player character immortan joeThe following characters represent the pleasant and the unpleasant, or it could be the other way around depending on your priorities.

lady liadrin

david lo pan

Next couple of player characters encapsulate the outlander and the totally off-menu kind of adventurer, it certainly challenges D&D up to its fulliest potential.

son goku


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