Hei Lung, Shadow Of The Yellow Emperor

hei lung cabecera

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The younger brother of The Yellow Emperor, Hei Lung, also known as The Black Emperor, is just as sophisticated and machiavellian as his older brother.

A devilish green light glows within him.

Hei Lung was used as a shadow of The Yellow Emperor when required, replacing him in the throne or in some of the many battles fought by The Jade Empire. Same as his older brother, he was educated in all sorts of disciplines, including magic. His thirst for power has turned him mad, sealing a devilish pact with an otherwordly patron, a fiend named Feilian.

To create this character, played by Raúl Álvarez, I’ve chosen the Warlock Class and the Tiefling Race.

STR 8 (-1)      DEX 10 (0)      CON 14 (+2)      INT 14 (+2)      WIS 12 (+1)      CHA 17 (+3)
ARMOR CLASS 11          HIT POINTS 10          SPEED 30 feet          ALIGNMENT lawful evil
PROFICIENCY BONUS +2 (adds to attack rolls, saving throws with wis/cha, chosen skills)
ARMOR AND WEAPON PROFICIENCIES: light armor, simple weapons.
TOOL PROFICIENCIES: scribe’s tools.
SKILLS: arcana, history, investigation, persuasion.
LANGUAGES: common, infernal, primordial.

STARTING EQUIPMENT: component pouch, daggers (x2), fine cloths, leather armor, purse with 25 gold pieces, signet ring. And the Coin of Treachery.
AT FIRST REFRESHING POST (IF REACHED): daggers (x2), gaming set, scholar’s pack, scroll of pedigree.

Thanks to Hei Lung noble birth, people are inclined to think the best of him. He is welcome in high society, and people assume he has the right to be wherever he is. The common folk make every effort to accommodate him and avoid his displeasure, and other people of high birth treat him as a member of the same social sphere. Hei Lung can secure an audience with a local noble if he needs to.
PERSONALITY: His eloquent flattery makes everyone he talks to feel wonderful and important.
GOAL: He has a thirst for power.
BOND: He is got to marry a lady with green eyes.
FLAW: He believes everyone else is beneath him.

Darkvision: you can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright, and in darkness as if it were dim (only shades of gray in darkness).
Hellish Resistance: you have resistance to fire damage.

hei lungLEVEL 1
Pact Magic: You have 1 spell slot of 1st level. Charisma is your spellcasting ability.
Cantrips: eldritch blast, thaumaturgy, true strike.
1st Level Spells: charm person, color spray, command, witch bolt.

Devil’s Blessing: when you reduce a creature to 0 hit points, you gain temporary hit points equal to your CHA modifier + level.

Hit Points: +7 (17 in total).
Pact Magic: +1 spell slot. +1 spell known (illusory script).

Mask of Many Faces: you can cast disguise self at will, without spending a spell slot.
Eyes of the Rune Keeper: you can read all writing.

Hit Points: +7 (24 in total).
Pact Magic: all your spells are cast as 2nd level (2 slots). +1 spell known (crown of madness).

You receive an ancient pottery with drawings of three mythological creatures. As you carry it, you gain their aid in the form of three young bodyguards who can cast each a diferent spell (once in your turn, using your action). Works as if you were casting these spells yourself. Cantrips: blade ward, ray of frost, shocking grasp.