Linda, Wrath Of The Elves

female knight

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From peaceful devotion to wrathful vengeance, Linda has suffered more than anyone can bear.

Her green eyes are as cold as ice.

Linda is a priestess from some powerful nation of the past which fell under an evil horde of demons. She rised as a vengeful force, but time has taught her to control her impulses.

To create this character, played by Héctor Andrés, I’ve chosen the Paladin Class and the High Elf Race (not so much trouble there).

STR 15 (+2)      DEX 12 (+1)      CON 12 (+1)      INT 9 (-1)      WIS 13 (+1)      CHA 14 (+2)
ARMOR CLASS 18          HIT POINTS 11          SPEED 30 feet          ALIGNMENT lawful neutral
PROFICIENCY BONUS +2 (adds to attack rolls, saving throws with wis&cha, chosen skills)
ARMOR AND WEAPON PROFICIENCIES: all armor and shields, simple and martial weapons.
TOOL PROFICIENCIES: musical instrument (harp).
SKILLS: arcana, insight, perception, persuasion, religion.
LANGUAGES: common, elvish, sylvan, celestial.

STARTING EQUIPMENT: belt pouch with 10 gold pieces, chainmail, holy simbol, mace, longsword, seal of the order, shield. And the Coin of Treachery.
AT FIRST REFRESHING POST (IF REACHED): priest’s pack, set of traveler’s cloth, signet.

Linda receives shelter and succor from members of her knightly order and those who are sympathetic to its aims. She gets help from the communities she serves and from other organizations which share the same ideals. This help comes in the form of shelter and meals, and healing when appropriate, as well as occasionally risky assistance.
PERSONALITY: She can stare down a hellhound without flinching.
IDEAL: All that matters to her is her own people.
BOND: She will never forget the crushing defeat suffered and who did it.
FLAW: She has little respect for anyone who is not a proven warrior.

Darkvision: you can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light (only shades of gray in darkness).
Fey Ancestry: advantage on saving throws against being charmed; immune to sleep spell or similar.
Trance: Elves don’t sleep; treat short rest as a long rest.
Cantrip: Light.

eladrin knight dndLEVEL 1
Divine Sense: as an action you can open your awareness to detect such forces as celestials, fiends and undead within 60 feet of you, unless they are behind total cover. Within the same radius you also detect the presence of any place or object that has been consecrated or desecrated. Can do it as many times as 1 + CHA modifier (3 times at the moment), after every rest.
Lay On Hands: restore hit points equal to your level x 5 (5 hp at the moment). Alternatively, you can use 5 hp from your pool of healing to cure a disease or neutralize a poison. Once after every rest.

Hit Points: +7 (18 in total).
Fighting Style PROTECTION: when a creature you can see attacks a target other than you, you can use your reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll (must be wearing a shield).
Divine Smite: after a successful attack, you can spend one paladin spell slot of 1st level to deal 2d8 extra radiant damage to the target (every slot higher will increase damage up by 1d8 to a maximum of 5d8).
Spellcasting: you have 2 slots of 1st level spells. Charisma is your spellcasting ability.
1st Level Spells: divine favor, protection from evil and good, purify food and drink.

Hit Points: +7 (25 in total).
Divine Health: immune to disease.
Spellcasting: you have now 3 slots of 1st level spells. (+Spell: shield of faith.)

Oath of the Crown
Champion Challenge (channel divinity): you issue a challenge that compels other creatures to do battle with you (each creature of your choice that you can see within 30 feet of you must make a Wisdom saving throw; on a failed save it can’t move away from you).
Turn the Tide: as a bonus action, each creature of your choice that can hear you regains 1d6 + CHA modifier, if it has no more than half of its hit points.
Bonus spells (once after every rest): command, compelled duel.