TableTop: Watch It Together With Your Children

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TableTop is a show hosted by Wil Wheaton and produced by Geek & Sundry.

My favourite kind of show…

TableTop was created back in 2012 by Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton, as one of the main shows of YouTube Felicia’s channel Geek & Sundry.

Time goes by and Geek & Sundry has become a successful platform (to my understanding), now part of Legendary (which is now part of Wanda Group), producing what I would call specialized entertaining content. Let me rephrase that: they produce some type of entertainment which they love and they are passionate about, and which has to do with games, not producing them but playing and talking about them.

Thanks to TableTop I’ve been able to engage dozens of amazing games which I had no idea they existed, but even more important than this: I start something new because they made me believe it was worth it.

I’ve always enjoyed playing games, but it was more like a side dish to me. A remnant of my childish behavior, I thought, and something I wasn’t proud of. I’ve learnt to overcome that nonsense and even started this blog you are reading (with a push from my wife alright, cause she knows better than I do what’s good for me).

tabletop the loser's couch

I haven’t yet watched any of the episodes together with my son Isaac, who is 5, because english is still a bit of a problem (it won’t be pretty soon though). He can speak and understand three other languages at this moment: catalan, spanish and mandarin. But I can’t wait for that day, when he and I will seat side by side and entertain ourselves until Wil’s closing line sends us to “play more games”. I know he will like it, and his sister Tanit, who is only 2, is already showing an inclination for it.

I guess there’s not much to add. Just this: thank you TableTop team.

One more thing, I encourage you to start watching the show with this following episode, which is about Catan Junior.

You can find more videos right here.

By Joel

Author: Joel

I enjoy playing games with my children, friends and family. L'anterior és el lema que faig servir en anglès, i és veritat. També faig promoció i tallers d'iniciació als jocs de taula, perquè crec que el joc és essencial per a l'ésser humà. No es tracta de buscar-li tres peus al gat, sinó que mentres et diverteixes (i divertir-se és del tot necessari) pots exercitar un cúmul d'habilitats i progressar-hi. La vida seria més profitosa si puguéssim jugar una mica cada dia.