The Little Gamer: Playing Games With Your Children

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I thought I would call this (my first post) The Little Gamer.

Cause that’s what El petit means…

I almost entitled this first blog The Little Gamer In You (sounds dubious to me now), but on a later thought I found that it could be easily changed to The Little Gamer In Us (more embracingly), or The Little Gamer In Me (more self-centered). So, finally, I’ve decided to name it for what it is: The Little Gamer. Pretty much general and straight forward.

Althought, the title is not mine. My wife came upon it, one afternoon, while she was giving me ideas on how to put up to a good use my free time (which on her opinion I must have plenty, probably too much of it). So, no more just playing or reading (or looking for a new job, infructuously I must say). She convinced me that I have a lot more to offer, than just teaching myself how to spend a creative and engaging time with my children.

In fact, this is what the blog I’m creating is about. Spending quality time with your beloved children, family and friends. All of that, from the perspective of someone who enjoy playing games.

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There’s no need to spend larges ammount of money, nor even a coin. Everyone that has one knows it: just taking a walk around the neighbourhood with a 2 year old can be challenging enough. Currently, that’s the age of my daughter, Tanit, and I have a son too, Isaac, who is 5. In order to clarify myself, I’ll add this: my intentions here in this blog are to provide my own experiences, on how do I approach certain games which I’m currently playing with my children.

I started playing board games with Isaac since he was three years and a half, and it has been, for so long, absolutely joyful. And it’s been helping him too! For instance, to learn the numbers and count faster, developing his motricity skills aswell, and growing a certain awareness of rules, which will prepare him on his journey to becoming a man, well, first a kid, then a young adult, then…

But, who am I kidding, the most important part of it all is that ammount of quality time that I got to spend with my child. Laughing together, having lots of fun, being there for him and with him, when he was probably having one of the best moments of his life too.

I want to conclude my first post by encouraging you to create your own games. There are so many tools out there, and it will always depend on what you and your children are up to. My son Isaac and I have created a couple of games already, and in the process of making them, he trained and learned an immense variety of skills, pushing him forward in the stairs of knowledge (which are the stairs I believe all of us to be in). But, what’s more important (again), is doing it together. I’ll certainly be posting about it soon (check my next post right here).

But first of all… Welcome to El Petit Gamer!

Shuffle the cards, be prepared, and throw your dices…

By Joel

Author: Joel

I enjoy playing games with my children, friends and family. L'anterior és el lema que faig servir en anglès, i és veritat. També faig promoció i tallers d'iniciació als jocs de taula, perquè crec que el joc és essencial per a l'ésser humà. No es tracta de buscar-li tres peus al gat, sinó que mentres et diverteixes (i divertir-se és del tot necessari) pots exercitar un cúmul d'habilitats i progressar-hi. La vida seria més profitosa si puguéssim jugar una mica cada dia.