What If Cars 3 Was A Board Game

cars 3

What kind of game would it be if instead of a movie Cars 3 was to be seen on tables all around the world.

Tabletop games are just as good for storytelling.

Before getting onto Cars 3 as a boardgame, let me confirm to you that my son loves Lightning McQueen and he is not alone. He shares his passion with lots of other children at school. He is also aware that Lightning is everywhere we’ve been: let’s say we visit a small town high up in the Pyrenees, nothing feels strange when we find out that a Lightning McQueen toy is there waiting for him inside a little rustic shop (this repeats over and over, wherever we go); even when a town is so small that it hasn’t any shops, there is another children there with a drawing of Lightning McQueen on his T-shirt, backpack or cap; and if we pay a visit to our family relatives in the other side of the globe, Hong Kong, it gets wilder as the fever there for Lightning McQueen seems to be even stronger.

cars 3

I was reluctant to watch Cars 3 with my own son, cause I thought this was more than a movie for him (and expectations can lead to some serious frustration). But, apparently, I was wrong. He took every twist and surprise in the plot with joy and excitement and now it seems he loves the world of Cars even more.

Spoilers ahead…

Cars 3, The Boardgame, tells the story of an old Lightning McQueen who is confronted with the start of a new era on the racing tracks. He will need to discover a new himself in order to be able to deal with it. In search of that new himself he will meet Cruz Ramírez, a trainer and a potential racer that will become of vital importance towards the end of the game. She suffers from lack of confidence and will need to overcome it in order to reach her most important goal: becoming a race car.

cars 3

cruz 51

This should be a cooperative game…

The player’s target is to help McQueen make the right decisions, aiding Cruz Ramírez to gain the confidence she needs and finally becoming her crew chief. Game starts right at the Fireball Beach Track and it jumps to diferent locations (Thunder Hollow, Thomasville Speedway, the forest, etc.), until finally making it to Florida for the first race of the season.

What should be inside the box…

The board depicts all diferent locations where players will be placing Lightning and Cruz. There is a deck of cards too, and little car tokens.


Game actions and mechanics…

In each round players get to set both characters into one of the locations which are depict on the board. Players draw from a pile of cards and manage their hands in order to assist Lightning and Cruz with their current goals.

Here comes trouble…


There is a set of cards designed for every location. Each one of these decks consists of a diferent variety of difficulties which characters will face in there, forcing players to interact with it wisely, using the cards in their hands. Every time Sterling appears, or when anyone is sent to the Rust-eze Racing Center, it will cost the main characters to drop huges ammounts of confidence.

Who wins the race…

lego cars

From every location players will collect diferent cards (lessons) for both Lightning and Cruz that will add up into a single deck which will be used during the final round, when the Florida 500 takes place. Players will need to use the new assembled cards to fool Jackson Storm and Mr. Sterling, and win the race by making both Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramírez compete together.

I hope a game similar to this was available at the usual gaming store.

By the way, all the photos in this post are taken by my son. He loves taking pictures of his toys.

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